Saturday, May 29, 2010

Chickens are growing!

The chickens have grown quite a bit and are starting to cluck when they get startled. Still can't figure out if we have any rooster's yet. I did have one of the eight chicks get sick and had to remove it from the herd. It would sit in one corner by itself and close its eyes and just wobble back and forth. We are now down to seven.

We went up to Forrest Sutherlands' (our nephew!) graduation on 5/27 and I was reminded that my non-farmer brother-in-law had a chicken coop that just sat out in his back yard. Connie and I took a look at it and liked it, so we asked Stephen & Tiffany about it and they let us have it. Cody and I went back up and took the roof off (no small chore) and hauled the bottom half back with us. I am having to borrow a trailer from a neighbor to go back up and get the top half because it was just 4" too wide to fit in my trailer. We're going to try and make another trip up today to get the rest of it, but we'll have to see how that goes.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Farmer George has chickens....

On Friday, April 30th, I rec'd a call from a neighbor. He had picked up some free chickens several weeks ago and the kids were loving them. However, he just got back from vacation and found out how big they were and were now done with them. I had told him I'd take them if it ever got to that point, so I was grateful he called. We now are proud parents to 8 Leg Horn chickens. I am trying to decide what type of chicken coop we'll build for them. I don't want to remove any of my grow boxes, so I'm thinking of perhaps building a tractor chicken coop, which has wheels and you move them around on your lawn so they fertilize it. This also puts them in the category of 'free range' chickens, which also enhances the flavor of their eggs (vs. only feeding them store bought chicken food).

My project for early next spring is to be ready to house our own swarm of honey bees!

28 Apr 2010 - Cody gets his call...

Cody rec'd his mission call to Nicaragua, Manaua North. Click here to see his new blog.