Monday, April 19, 2010

Cody & Whitney updates

At 11am yesterday, both Cody & Whitney went over to the Savages for Temple Prep class. they have a total of 6 classes to attend.

Cody received his Patriarchal blessing yesterday from Patriarch McCoy. It was a beautiful blessing and not so short. He should have it in his hands by this Friday.

Cody also went in to meet with President Tate, who went ahead and submitted his paperwork to the Brethren. If things work out the way we hear they work out, one of the Brethren should assign him to a particular mission this Thur and by the following Wed Cody should have a packet in the mail to open.

Whitney's Bishop is waiting for her medical papers to arrive (the dental already has) and once that gets here, he will forward it to President Tate, who will then call her in, etc. Exciting stuff!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Missionaries Galore!

As many of you know, Cody is very close to going on a mission. Worst case scenario, we should have a letter in hand by May 5th.

Many of you have been finding out that Whitney has decided to go on a mission too! If things progress the way they have, I'm "guessing" she should have her mission call sometime in May as well...she is right behind Cody in filling out the papers. We have even taken "missionary pictures" for the brethren to see when they pull their file up on the screen to decide where they will be going.

Exciting times at the Dentons....Three missionaries out at the same time!!! Whew!! The house will seem pretty darn empty, no doubt about that! More to come....