Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Cody Prepares for his Mission - Wisdom Teeth Out

As you know, missionaries need to get their wisdom teeth pulled before leaving if there is any chance at all that they can become a problem while they are away. Cody needed 3 pulled and he had that done this morning. Connie went into the back of the dentist office while they prepared Cody for surgery and had him go to sleep. The surgery was only about 45 min and they called us back in as he began to recover. He came to pretty fast...the nurse was impressed. He couldn't speak well because of so much gauze tucked into his chipmunk cheeks. His tongue and lips were very dry...why don't they at least have some vaseline for their poor lips? Cody finally woke up enough to realize he wasn't in the same place he went to sleep...he was now in the recovery room, we told him. The 5'2" nurse told Cody that she simply picked him up out of one chair and placed him in the recovery chair, which is on wheels. Cody said, "Nuh uhh!" She said that rarely do the patients remember getting into the recovery chair because they do it when they are just barely awake enough to do it under their own strength.

His vitals were stable and we prepared to take him home. He got up, put on his jacket and sat in the wheelchair as the nurse drove him out to the car. When we got home, he was dying of thirst and wanted to walk all over the place claiming he was fine. He did get up, kicked something by accident and I had to walk him back over to the couch before he hurt himself, or somebody else.

We got him a drink of water to trickle over his tongue and down his throat. He can't feel his bottom lip at this point and has to pull his lip around the bottom of the cup so he knows it is secure. He took his first drink and then looked at me and began to say something, and water just fell right out of his mouth and he didn't even know it. I was busting up and having Connie take a look. He was still denying that this had happened and then finally felt his jacket...it was all wet. How did that happen, he asked. He took another drink and did the same thing, this time landing in his lap. Then a minute later he asked who put his jacket on him...he remembered taking it off at the dentist and handing it to Connie. We told him that he had put it back on just before climbing into the wheelchair. No recollection. Then a minute or two later he looked down into his lap and felt with his hand and asked, "What the crap...did I pee myself?" I was laughing my butt off! He couldn't remember what had happened just 15 minutes earlier with the water coming out of his mouth.

We finally got some icepacks tucked into his jacket hood on either side of his mouth to help with the swelling. He finally agreed if he couldn't stand up and walk around, he would work on his laptop. The surgery went very well and they will call later today to check up on him. I need to go get him some perscriptions. George.

Sunday, March 14, 2010


Hi...I'm George, and I'm the Dad.
I don't know when I'll ever have time to write on this blog, but stranger things have happened. Finally just figured out the email and password to this after it being up for over a year.
Lot's of things going on in our lives right now, cancer being our number one concern. (See http://kicknitwithconnie.blogspot.com/ for more info there).
Whitney has been substitute teaching (long term) for the last month or two. Kyle (See http://elderdenton.blogspot.com/) has been out on his mission for about 9 months. He's in Argentina, Buenos Aires North. His blog is updated mostly on Monday's. Cody is preparing for his mission and is currently filling out his paperwork online. There's lots of questions, but he's slowly moving through it. Chazz is a junior at Bingham High School and is working to keep his grades up to a respectable level. I'm sure he'll do great.
As for me, I focus on Printing 2 Impress (http://www.printing2impress.com/) and my sweet wife, Connie. (Not necessarily in that order!)